Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We had an amazing trip to hannibal, mo this week. we decided to go visit the mark twain museum, and we wanted to do the site river tour, but the last one left before we called.. but they did have a 2 hr dinner cruise... we hummed and hawed (pricey thing!) and thought u know what this is once in lifetime opportunity. so we did it.. and im so glad it was a blast!! i mean a real blast! wade decided he loved mark twain and wants to read the books.. so we got him one.

there is nothing like eating dinner, listening to jazz music and watching the sunset on the mississippi!! it was beautiful! and so big.. us utahns just dont get a big river..lol it blows us away!! it was definatly a night we will never forget! nate even asked me to dance!! wow hehe

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