Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We had an amazing trip to hannibal, mo this week. we decided to go visit the mark twain museum, and we wanted to do the site river tour, but the last one left before we called.. but they did have a 2 hr dinner cruise... we hummed and hawed (pricey thing!) and thought u know what this is once in lifetime opportunity. so we did it.. and im so glad it was a blast!! i mean a real blast! wade decided he loved mark twain and wants to read the books.. so we got him one.

there is nothing like eating dinner, listening to jazz music and watching the sunset on the mississippi!! it was beautiful! and so big.. us utahns just dont get a big river..lol it blows us away!! it was definatly a night we will never forget! nate even asked me to dance!! wow hehe

Saturday, September 19, 2009

school day :)

kids started school here aug. 18th. they have really liked it. they both got young great teachers and are meeting lots of new friends.. i am of course enjoying my free days again with lots of jewelry, and mommy pampering time lol.. ok not really but hey im trying here :)

troy, mo

i know its been awhile.. caught up in facebook ..lol so you can always go there for the latest.. :)

we have been enjoying missouri, the ward has been lovely, and welcoming. the kids have loved it meeting lots of friends.

The sites here are really pretty, lots of greenery. now the humitidy on the other hand is awful ..lol i though texas would prepare me for it.. but it didnt lol. its awful. on the other hand the fireflies all but make up for it ;)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

last day of school :)

We survived a crazy year of school lol.... Wade was such a trooper changing school as much as he did this year. He even made the A-B Honor roll for 2 semesters, and got a honorable mention on his science experiment! He is looking forward to a summer with his dad, and of course finding new friends.

Emma is finally all ready for kindergarten to start next year. She did awesome in her full time pre-k class. I have to say i think our kids these days are ready for full time school starting at kindergarten. she adjusted so well, and really enjoyed it!

We are going to the beach this weekend. Then grandpa ovard is coming down on thursday and spending some time before he helps us drive out to Troy, MO

The exciting things we are looking forward to inn Missouri are:

Nauvoo is 3 hours away so we are definitely making a stop

St. Louis is an hour awa filled with the famous arch, louis and clark museums, a zoo and six flags.

so there should be plenty to keep us busy all summer

We are thinking about trying to stick around with nate for school, at least half year.. I dont know its been a tough choice, but we all hate to be seperated from him!!

We will let you all know how it goes :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fiesta day fun

Nate had to show a demo car at the lackland afb fiesta day party. (fiesta is a big big 2 week long party all over the place in texas lol)

So i took the kids to see there dad and they had all kinds of army displays up. One was a mobile hospital unit. They let the kids dress up as doctors, and remove scrapnel from the patient(not a real one haha) Then the kids got to suck out the blood.. and last cauterize a piece of meat lol(the smell was awful!) anyway they really enjoyed this.

Then the kids went on all the ride and we tried some homeade gorditas (yummy) and huge sausages.

It was a fun day :) The first pic is one of emma in the traditional fiesta day head piece...isnt she cute? lol the main celebration is downtown but is so crowded a little country born girl like me just doesnt want to attempt it lol. luckily they have these little small parties all over so you can still get a taste of it! the kids even get a day off school so they can go join the fiesta!! haha lots of fun in texas :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emma's first tooth

After months and months of wishing her teeth would start getting loose it finally happened! she lost her first tooth monday :) she has been wiggling it for a week now. so excited that she was going to loose it. asking about the tooth fairy (how big he is..is he scary lol) and so she was so happy when mom helped it pop out the last little bit! Of course she promptly spent her dollar on some lipgloss (yup all girl!!). so the happy toothless pictures begin :)


Easter in texas :) On saturday i designed a easter egg treasure hunt for the kids. Wade read all the clues, and then they ran all over the farm looking for the next egg. It all ended with the last egg in a bag of rice crispies which we then made rice crispies squares for our treat.

The next day they hurried out to see if the easter bunny had come. which of course it had. Bringing emma pompoms and cheer stuff, and and wade a ball and a squirt gun...and of course a big cholocate bunny :). After church we were invited over to the rios's for easter dinner. i baked rolls, and they had a bbq brisket which was very yummy. I was so glad nate was able to be here for easter. I think it really made it special for the kids.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Texas :)

I know its been awhile, ive been drawn away to facebook lol. A dear friend reminded me that blogs are more indepth and she missed seeing mine so im being a good girl and posting whats been going on.

We made it to texas safe and sound...quite a trip with 2 kids and 2 dogs.. but without too much drama we found texas after 2 days of driving. We were greeted by 80' weather and sun :) We were very happy to have a place to stay and enjoyed the luxory of room in holly's place after being in the trailer for a couple months.

The kids started school and have been enjoing it ! Emma actually goes to all day pre-k...what a suprise for mom to have her gone all day i was lost the first day not sure what to do with myself lol WAde is enjoying his new teacher and loving school again :) they enjoy being on the farm and helping with the chores(not sure how much help they are but they are loving it)

We have some awesome neighbors (there are 4 homes on a 30 acre farm..its amazing!) The owners the bartons have always been very nice and have welcomed us warmly. the rios's(daughter to the bartons) have 2 children 12 and 13 who keep wade and emma entertained and they love hanging out with them so its very nice.

Nathans job ended abrubtly a week and a half ago. he thought he would get onto another crew but it didnt happen. so he decided to come out and join us in texas for awhile. he took a job out here at a honda dealership, so he will work there for awhile. im not sure what the next job will do. he is in a debate to keep going or stay put for awhile. the construction really takes a toll on the family its hard, but we know its temporary so we are debating what to do. Ill keep ya all posted on what ends up happenning. If he does go back on the road we will join him in the summer for awhile before returning here for school in the fall

Emma had a pre-k feild trip to sea world of all places :) it was a blast! i was able to attend where they let the kids see all the animals, then they had a couple shows one with shamu, and one with the sea lions..it was so fun!! I loved the dolphins, and of course just wondering around seeing the amazing animals. it was a once in a lifetime experience for emma she loved it!

Anyway we have been enjoying the 80' weather and loving the sun :) Ill keep ya posted with pics and stuff as we go :) love ya all and miss ya all :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

my cuties :)

Here are my cuties. How they have grown this year. they have stepped up to the challenges and done so well.

we are taking a break from the road. Nate is probably continuing on to missouri. As we didnt intend for wade to move this much in the school year we have decided ( after much prayer and a little heartache) to let them finish school in texas with holly. then we will rejoin Nate in the summer. then the kids will continue school in texas in the fall.

It was not an easy choice as these kids love there dad...and there dad loves them. but we know this is just a short time. and that we are doing this to better our family. we will all be a little stronger and wiser when we are all done (i hope)

The kids again were an active part of our decision. as this effects them. they agreed this was the best thing and are looking forward to staying in the same place for school.

What an adventure we have had. we will miss Ohio, we have made many friends here. we love the ward. and will sorely miss the fellowship we have fet here. So on this crazy adventure we continue. to the end..and our happy ending (which includes a house and a dad lol) we love you all and have appreciated all the prayers we have felt in our behalf!